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Emily and Gaurav wanted to honor both of their cultural traditions in their wedding experience. So what did they do? They had two weddings! Two full, back-to-back weddings that meant a weekend packed with family, emotion and fun. The collection of photographs that follows are from the Indian wedding, which kicked off the weekend in style with lots of shimmer, a dancing parade lead by a white horse and hands in the air from all ages and nationalities. The day was a succession of beautiful imagery, such as the Indian aunts helping the many bridesmaids don their saris, and beautiful moments allowed for by the mixing of two cultures and two families. I loved all of the symbolism attached to the wedding ceremony traditions, from the rock Emily and Gaurav placed their feet on, meant to inspire them to be strong together in the face of life’s challenges, to both sets of parents placing the bride and groom’s hands in each other to facilitate their union as equal partners. The ceremony peaked when Emily and Gaurav took their first seven steps together, beginning their journey through life as a married couple. Each step carried with it a vow, for example to create a home full of joy and laughter, to embrace each other’s families as well as their own yet to come, and to forever be best friends and partners.”

Via PhotoLadyLove